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How do I wire 2-Way Smart Series dimmers?



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    Nigel Fowler

    It's now 8th January and you promised instructions "during December 2017" (see above). Please can you update this.

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    Darren Walsh

    This needs a bit more information.

    I have the first switch in without a problem, but the wiring of the 2nd switch is confusing. I can't seem to get it working without one of the switches losing power.

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    Darren Walsh

    Figured it out. 

    Wire the first switch in the series as normal.

    The 2nd switch, wire the first half as normal.

    The trick comes with wiring the 2nd half which feeds off the primary switch. Leave the live empty and put the 2 wires into the neutral slot. 

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    David Johnson

    I can’t seem to get my gen 2 light switches to work on an existing two way circuit, one switch will work however the second switch has no power feed, can anyone help? Three wires in each back box instructions say live in and live out what happens to the third wire?

    please help as I’m trying to do this for my son who is rapidly going blind 

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    Adrian Rockall

    I am also confused. Can you provide typical wiring diagrams.

    I also have a 2 gang downstairs and a 1 gang upstairs so I am worried it will link the separate upstairs and downstairs circuits through the 2 gang dimmer.

    Please help us out here.

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    Tom Luke

    I’m having the same issues. I replaced two existing switches using the same wiring but it didn’t work.

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    Tak Chiu

    That wiring diagram is definitely half complete... I assumed button 2 would be the same (repeat) wiring layout.

    I did it, and it doesn't work. Constantly both circuits are "on" and the buttons are constantly flashing green, pushing both buttons (on/off) won't start the linking... So I'm going to have to return the product...


    And "yes", it linked upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits...

    Closer reading that the whole unit is powered by 1 live wire... this would mean that existing live wire for lamp 2 is not required?

    I would give that a go, however, for my setup

    button 1 = "live" in upstairs wire circuit & neutral upstairs wire circuit

    button 2 = "live" in upstairs wire circuit & neutral downstairs wire circuit

    I'm no sparky but wouldn't that cause some sort of problem?  maybe trip a RCD or something?

    I have this product on a normal 2 gang is okay, but 2 gang + 2-way doesn't work for me

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