Lightwave Link & Link Plus

How can I improve the signal range of the Link / Link Plus?



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    Martyn Hodder

    Do you have any timeline for allowing two link pluses to work together to improve the range?

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    Russell Pascoe

    I second Martyn's comment above - I currently have three Link Pluses in my house, because I have two out buildings. Very annoying to sign out of app and then sign in to app to change buildings. First World problems, I know, but nonetheless, when will you support multiple Link devices in app?

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    Nigel Miles

    I have a link plus and a number of LW320 modules for controlling my Christmas lights, I find that the plugs in the same room as the link plus work well but non of the rest of the plugs respond.  If I stand next to the link plus and press the corresponding buttons on the remote control then all the lights respond first time.  Is there any way to boost the link plus range.  We’re not talking more than 5m to some of them, and no more than 15m to the furthest.

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    Emmanuel Lutchooman

    I second Martyn and Russell, Having 2 Link Plus under one account will be excellent to extend the signal range for larger area.



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